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Solo travelling is fast catching up across the globe, with men and women opting to explore a destination in their own company.  However, not all countries are considered safe for travellers, especially women. As such, travel blogger Shenaz Treasury took to Instagram to share her personal experience and also list some places solo women travellers can go to without feeling threatened.

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In Portugal at the time of sharing the post, Shenaz wrote: “Right now I am in Portugal 🇵🇹. As soon as I landed, I got some DMs (from men) telling me how they were mugged here.” She further shared that “I was harassed and on the verge of getting mugged in Bordeaux, France 🇫🇷 A very nice woman came to my rescue” as she listed some countries where she said women “can fear less.”

She, however, was quick to add: “Of course, there is no 100 per cent guarantee anywhere as it takes one incident, so never be completely oblivious.”

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Take  a look at the countries that made it to Shenaz’s list:

Switzerland: Calling it Europe’s safest destination, Shenaz wrote: “Girls don’t have to look over their shoulder.”

Canada: As per a study by Bounce, a travel company, Canada is the eighth safest country for female travellers.

Thailand: The blogger shared that one can “wear what you want, nobody cares,” adding, “I have even gone clubbing alone.”

Sweden: Recalling her personal experience she mentioned, “ I felt very safe here even though the streets were empty.”

Austria: With a score of 7.70 out of 10, Austria is the second safest country for female travellers, according to the same study. With an “extremely low crime rate against women,” Shenaz suggested it to be a good choice for solo female travellers.

Ireland: Ranked number one for female travelers—”all fear here is the rain,” Shenaz said. The country is called the safest—”particularly for the laws it has in place to protect women from violence, as well as when it comes to local attitudes toward violence against women.”

Singapore: Calling it the “safest Asian country” she added, “Walk alone in whatever you like without any fear.” Recalling her experience she added, “Although I have left my door unlocked in Singapore when I lived there (by mistake) and left my wallet with cash in a theatre and both times I was completely astonished that I was fine!!”

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